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The transformer enables the transmission of electric energy with minimal power loss. Core, main winding, and secondary winding are the basic components of a transformer. In addition to these components, bigger transformers also have insulation, transformer oil, cooling arrangements, protective relays, enclosure, etc. Before delving into the issue, let’s examine the functioning concept of a transformer.

Having key components on hand can greatly decrease downtime caused by transformer maintenance and failure.

Transformer Spares Service: The Best

For the maintenance of an existing installation, we supply authentic, high-quality transformer spare parts and consumables, whether as loose parts, subassemblies, or entire completed items. Using our broad network, we can minimize downtime and swiftly resume production. Some of these components are readily available “off-the-shelf” from the manufacturer. Other components may take months to acquire.

In addition, we can give further engineering help to locate similar components or to rework obsolete components in Pune.

We offer the following alternatives for transformer spares:

  • Evaluation of a transformer or transformer bank to determine which important replacement components must be maintained on hand in case of an emergency.
  • Recommendation of maintenance-related components to order in advance.
  • Asset stocktaking.
  • Stock management.
  • Recommendations on methods of storing.

Importance of having good spare parts

Having essential transformer spares on hand can drastically decrease the downtime caused by:

  • Transformer servicing.
  • Unplanned outages.
  • Electrical faults.
  • Mechanical malfunctions.

As a bare minimum for operational dependability, it is necessary to have easily available important transformer spares and components, such as:

  • Bearings
  • Tap changer contact points
  • Transfers.
  • Gaskets.
  • Motors for fans and pumps.

To prevent lengthy outages, the aforementioned components must be readily accessible in the customer’s warehouse.

Why Choose Us?

Using our broad network, we deliver authentic, high-quality transformer spare parts and consumables with rapid turnaround, hence decreasing downtime.

Many retrofit Nobel components, such as tap modifications and bushings, may be manufactured to order, therefore increasing the lifespan of your transformer spares.

We may give Asset Inventory and Stock Management Solutions to lessen the risk of not having vital Nobel components on hand in times of dire need. We have been supplying transformer spares for many years.

Across decades of supplying and maintaining our customer’s power and distribution transformer spares in Pune, we have assembled an unrivaled inventory of transformer spare parts and experience. Our range includes:

  • HV / LV Cable Boxes – various sizes and sizes.
  • HV Bushings – various sizes and dimensions.
  • LV Monoblocks – various sizes and dimensions.
  • Radiators – various sizes and dimensions.
  • Gaskets.
  • Cooling methods – mineral oil, Midel, and silicone.
  • Tap Changers.
  • Oil Temperature Indicators (OTI) and fixings.
  • Winding Temperature Indicators (WTI) and fixings.
  • Gland Plates.
  • Breathers.
  • Sight Glasses / Oil Level Indicators.
  • Cooling Fans.

We provide transformer spares to adapt to both standard-type adjustments and manufacturer specific components found in older equipment. We offer an express delivery service for critical transformer spares. Therefore, you can be rest assured.

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