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Relay Testing Services or Metering tests enhance safety by reducing the time required to detect and clear arc flashes. The primary components of this are the protective relay and the interrupting timings of the circuit breaker. 

By halting the arc flash energy pulse as soon as possible, personnel risk is drastically decreased.

Our maintenance services for relays include comprehensive test results and timetables. So, trust our Relay testing services. We are an expert in providing Relay testing in Pune. Continue reading to know more.

Relay Testing Tesing Procedure

Locate the Relay That Needs Testing

Depending on what it controls, it might be under the dashboard or in the engine compartment.

The easiest and most direct way to test a relay is to replace it with a well-known good.

The drawback is that the identical issue that fried the first relay may fry the second. Additionally, it targets your money. Examine and clean the connections while the relay is out of the circuit.

Utilize a Multimeter Tuned to Ohms

Touch the leads on all magnetic coils and measure resistance. Between 50 and 120 ohms is appropriate.

Whether wide or open it shows the safety of the magnetic coil and the need to change the relay. Leave the multimeter set to the ohms or continuity setting. Touch the leads to the switch’s terminals. A relay that is ordinarily open should read open or OL.

Connecting a 9-12V battery between the pins of the magnetic coil will energize it. The relay should emit an audible “click” when the magnetic coil is energized and the switch is closed. In this 4-pin transmission, polarity is not important, but it is important for diode transmission.

The coil is still plugged in, connect the battery connected to one of the replacement terminals. Connect the test light between the second switch terminal and the location. Remove the positive battery jumper while the test light must turn off.

Check the Voltage at the Relay’s Switch

Bad contact points can cause a voltage loss. Turn off the test light, set the multi-meter to DC volts, and connect the track to the switch pins or to check the light connection. The reading must correspond to the battery voltage.

Test the Resistance of the Switch

Unplug the positive jumper cable and supply power to the magnetic coil. Measure the switch pin resistance by setting the multi-meter to ohms.

The resistance of an energized ordinarily open relay should be near zero ohms, while the resistance of a normally closed relay should be open or OL.

Relay Testing Services

We offer the widest variety of Relay test equipment on the market, with all the features and functions mentioned earlier as appropriate and required for safety transmission tests, in manual or automatic mode, designed for high efficiency, flexibility, and flexibility, and the required requirements. accuracy and functionality to test any transmission.

The subject of relay testing procedure is made simpler by the well-proven methods and many years of our expertise. We are at the forefront of the Pune industry when it comes to Relay Testing services. You will be fully satisfied with the Relay testing services provided by us.

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